ShoreDocker Boat Ramp Kit, Model 2000


Making sure your watercraft is docked securely and safely is one of the most important parts of boat upkeep. With the ShoreDocker boat ramp kits, your boat can be stored right on dry land, making it easy to avoid damage to your boat. After putting together this easy-to-assemble shore ramp kit, just easily roll your boat over the ramp, make sure it is strapped, and you are good to go!

Our boat ramp kit is designed to accommodate boats up to 2000 lbs. 16-20 ft. length, 2000 lb. capacity. This shore ramp kit includes: (16) wobble rollers w/axles and brackets, 1600 lb. winch with 30′ strap and hook, winch post supports, bracing, fasteners and plans.

  • Accommodates boats up to 2000 lbs.
  • (16) wobble rollers with axels and brackets
  • 1600 lb. winch with 30’ strap and hook
  • Assembly instructions included

The Original Docking Solution